Microsoft is God-awful fucking shitty company. These fucking people spew shit out 24/7/365. Everything from Microsoft fucking sucks. Everything. Why the fuck isn't anyone putting Microsoft out of business? Why? Microsoft doesn't do a fucking thing right except fuck their customers. There isn't one thing Microsoft makes that doesn't fucking suck.

Now Microsoft fucks their customers by going DIY which would be great if Microsoft shit actually worked. But it doesn't. And the "technical support" is fucking shit too. A gazillion Indians who just Google everything.


Not one fucking person at Microsoft is trained on how to use anything Microsoft peddles. Never call support because you know more. If you can use Google, you don't need them. They're fucking stupid and worthless.


Office 365 - Shit, shit, shit. Buggy, crappy, and fucking awful. This fucking shit never installs properly. NEVER! Just a fucking piece of shit. Good fucking luck trying to sign in. Every fucking ass step is backwards. You'll spend fucking forever trying to get this pile of fucking shit to "work".
Azure - What the fuck is this shit? Never works.
Intune - What a fucking joke. There's nothing useful here. What's more, Intune doesn't support Microsoft Edge (shit too). Won't work with Windows 10. NOBODY at Microsoft knows why. Just doesn't. WTF?
Skype: Fucking bug ridden shit.
Mobile apps-a fucking disaster
Print servers- this shit fails daily. You've got to keep an eye on this fucking crap too. Yep, it's 2016 and Microsoft still hasn't figured out how to get things to fucking print.
CRM Online- Won't work with Exchange Online. Good luck with quick campaigns. Won't work. Never will.
Office upgrades - guaranteed to fuck everything up. You'll waste months trying to put things back together again.

Windows - Is there a fucking version of Windows that works? FUCK NO! Windows 7? Windows 8.FUCKME? Windows Fucking 10? FUCK. FUCK. FUCK NO! Microsoft's own cock can't fuck it's own shit.

Internet Explorer- FUCK! Where to start with this collosal shit fuck. Crashes. Locks up. Blows up Windows. Hijacks Internet Fucksplorer (ever notice that you can't go back when visiting most of Microsoft fucking sites?). Won't go back. Ever.  You have to use Chrome to use the Web. It's fucking 2016 and Microsoft treats the Internet as a waining fad. WTF? These fucking dipshits are so fucking clueless. ATTENTION MICROSOFT: THE INTERNET IS HERE TO STAY YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!

BTW, what's with the shitty name too? Internet Explorer? It's fucking 2016. Shorten the fucking name.

OneDrive for Business: Fucking shit from those Microsoft cocksuckers. Fucking impossible to setup. Bug ridden and littered with one fucking error messsage after another fucking error message. Nothing from this fuck-ass company works together. How the fuck can you deal with the fucking setups failing? Sync? FUCK NO! Click Sync Now and you'll get "We can't connect to the specified SharePoint site." Give me a fucking break you miserable fucks!!!! Why the fuck can't your fucking shit work together you fucking fucks!


Bing – What the fuck is this shit? Fucking Yahoo renamed Bing.  Re-wrapped shit is still shit. Fucking stupid name for something fucking worthless.


Small & Medium Business - Microsoft says fuck 'em. You need an army of people to babysit Microsoft's shit. If you're a small or medium business, you can't afford an IT army dedicated to fixing Microsoft's shit every fucking day. That's right, shit that worked on Friday is guaranteed to be fucking busted on Monday. That's the Microsoft way. Fuck you. Just fuck you. Office 365 won't help you because you have to call them when that shit breaks.

Office 365 is like a fucking terrorist. Out of the box, Office 365 is set to blow up your business. Nothing is configured to protect you. When this shit breaks, there goes your email and documents. Yep, out of the box, nothing is protected. And this shit is supposed to be great for small and medium businesses. The fuck it is. Unless you're ready to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for an expert to set things up "right" (with Microsoft, nothing ever is right), you're just Jew in Palestine. No happy ending.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!! Microsoft will make you want to gouge your eyes out so you don't ever have to see their fucking shit ever again.

Pray these fuckers go out of business. Microsoft's shit is like a bi-sexual, dick waving has-been porn star with AIDS.

They'll fuck you up the ass every chance they get while trying to kill your business. You've been warned. Unless you want Microsoft wedged up your ass 24/7/365 like a fucking hemorrhoid that never heals, then stay the fuck away from their shit. Sure, Google's shit is barely better than paper and pen, but at least it fucking works.